Post Graduate Courses

Post Graduate CoursesDurationDatesCostBook Now
VTCT Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Aesthetics12 DaysFebruary: 14th, 21st, 22nd, 28th
March: 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 28th
April: 25th
May: 2nd

VTCT/ITEC Diploma in Advanced Aesthetics Treatments – Laser, IPL, Microdermabrasion, Physiology of Ageing & Advanced Epliation
VTCT Level 4 Award in Advanced Epilation
(Skin Blemish Removal)
3 DaysMarch: 14th, 15th & 21st
€925VTCT/ITEC Award in Advanced Electrolysis
mccosmetics Skin Peels1 DayNovember 23rdStarter Kit €335
Full Salon Kit €575
mccosmetics Peels
mccosmetics Microneedling1 DayNovember 30thOption 1 €675
Option 2 €470
mccosmetics Skin Needling
VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Laser & IPL7 DaysFebruary: 21st, 22nd, 28th
March: 1st, 7th, 8th, 21st
€1250Book Now
mccosmetics Facial Mesotherapy1 DayNovember 10th€550Facial Mesotherapy
ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Skin Peels8 DaysFebruary: 6th, 13th
March: 14th, 15th
April: 11th, 12th, 25th
May: 2nd
VTCT/ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Chemical Skin Peeling
ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Microneedling8 DaysFebruary: 6th, 13th
March: 28th, 29th
April: 11th, 12th, 25th
May 2nd
VTCT/ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Microneedling
ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Microdermabrasion5 DaysFebruary: 14th
March: 28th
April: 25th
May: 2nd
€550VTCT/ITEC Certificate in Microdermabrasion

Entry Level CoursesDurationDatesCost 
Award in Skincare9 daysSeptember: 19th, 26th
October: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 25th
November: 14th, 21st
€995Book Now

Teacher Training CoursesDurationDatesCost 
Certificate in Assessment2 DaysSeptember 29th
1 Day with learner at own centre
€495Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement
Certificate in IQA2 DaysOctober 6th
1 Day with learner at own centre
€595Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practices
Certificate in Teacher Training3 Days
2 Days Work Placement
August 23rd
October 10th & 25th
€995Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training